Welcome to Maturepolis Lab

Hello, this is David Lee, Assistant Professor at KAIST and director of the Maturepolis Lab. We are just getting started on defining research objectives, applying for grants, and structuring the team, but our current areas of focus are:

  • Using computer vision to understand human behavior in public spaces, and iteratively improve the design of those spaces;
  • How the elderly live and work in Korean cities, with particular interest in the informal economies that employ them;
  • Tracking solid waste generation with smart bins, location sensors, and data analysis;
  • Reuse of mega-event stadiums (e.g. World Cup, Olympics) after the event conclusion;
  • The urban infrastructure of "resting" in Korea.
If you are interested in these topics, and would like to collaborate with us or join as a research intern or graduate student, please contact us at research@maturepolis.com.